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The Future is Custom

Shapeshift 3D specializes in the development of software solutions aimed at digitizing and automating the customization of high-performance medical and sports body equipment. 

Our mission is to improve quality-of-life for all, and to democratize the customized wearable by bringing an innovative, scalable and profitable solution for businesses across the globe. With our custom-fit solution, we hope to see a new manufacturing era in which products are more efficient, affordable, and sustainable. 

We firmly believe that our software is the key solution to realize the full potential of mass customization.



A Dedicated Team

 Our team's talents range from biomedical, software, and mechanical specialties, and it is with their tireless effort that Shapeshift 3D continues to evolve.



The world is shifting toward Custom-Fit. Read the articles written about our endeavours.

Shapeshift 3D on developing AM software for mass customization

3D Natives

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