Shapeshift 3D
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Montreal Quebec, H2G 2J6
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The Future is Custom.

Discover our End-to-End 3D Customization Software.

Customize your products and scale your manufacturing.

High Performance 

Product Customization for Mass Manufacturing.

High-end customization at mass scale is now possible thanks to our end-to-end software solution. Our software preserves constraints— enabling the production of compliant, high performing, and esthetically appealing wearables.

Meet S3D,

Our Automated End-to-end

3D Customization Software.

S3D™ streamlines the process from body-scans to customized wearables.


Our proprietary algorithms make our software the most complete, effective and reliable platform on the market.

Beyond Fit™

Other solutions offer Custom Fit. We go beyond.

S3D is the only software solution that provides True Fit while preserving design freedom and constraints allowing for high performance applications such as orthotics, prosthetics, protective equipment, implants, eyewear, and footwear.

Make the Shift.