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Shapeshift3D Announces Partnership with Aurelia for the Commercialization of the Beyond-Fit™ Mask

Montreal, June 9, 2020 - Shapeshift3D, a Montreal-based software company, is pleased to announce its partnership with Aurelia Gloves Canada, a Longueuil-based manufacturing and distribution company specialized in protective equipment. Through this partnership, Aurelia will take over the entirety of the commercialization responsibilities of the Beyond-Fit™ protective mask, from manufacturing to distribution, and on a global scale. Shapeshift3D's software expertise and Aurelia Gloves Canada’s experience in manufacturing, production and distribution will allow healthcare professionals, frontline employees, and the general public to have access to a revolutionary, comfortable, and custom-adjusted respiratory mask. The Longueuil company, experts in the making of gloves, masks and medical gear, is also working on the development of a 100% recyclable filter material.

“We are delighted with this partnership with Aurelia, a company whose passion for innovation, rigorous execution and above all commitment to the community and the environment are perfectly aligned with our own values,” says Francis Dion, Shapeshift3D ‘s Executive Chairman. “Together, we will be able to offer more comfortable and safer masks to people in hospitals, dentists' offices, CHSLDs, retail businesses, and wherever the needs are urgent.”

For nearly three months, Shapeshift3D has been working closely with Aurelia Gloves Canada in order to accelerate the development of its Beyond-Fit™ mask. The mask stands out on many levels, including its durable design and ability to be sterilized and reused. Through 3D-Face Scans, users can have their mask custom-adjusted to their unique facial features and eliminate pressure points and discomfort related to prolonged wear.

"We are very pleased to have developed this innovation partnership with Shapeshift3D. It is thanks to exceptional collaborations such as this that Aurelia is committed every day to revolutionize the personal protective equipment (PPE) industry in order to create more efficient products, more respectful of the environment and of society, and focused on the real needs of users. BeyondFit™ and other BeyondMask™ brand products mark an unprecedented turning point in the protective mask industry, and we are proud to make it available to as many individuals and professionals as possible to improve their everyday work conditions,” explained Aurelia's Innovative & Marketing Director Gabriel Coulet.

About Shapeshift3d

Shapeshift3D ( is a software company that brings custom-fit solutions to high-performance wearables, going from the 3D scan of an individual to a 3D-printed device that will fit this individual perfectly.  

About Aurelia

Aurelia Gloves Canada® is a division of Group Supermax, a company located in Berhad, Malaysia. The Supermax group is the second largest manufacturer of disposable gloves in the world and exports its products to more than 160 countries. Founded in 2004, Aurelia Gloves Canada® is located in Longueuil and is home to 20 employees. As a manufacturer of its own products, Group Supermax has developed a range of successful brands such as Supermax, Aurelia and Maxter, which offer products such as gloves, masks and other reliable personal protection equipment recognized by laboratories, hospitals, pharmacists, doctors and surgeons around the world.

Source: Amélie Poirier-Borduas  

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