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Shapeshift3D Announces its Partnership with OrthoShapes 

Montreal, August 14, 2020 - Shapeshift 3D, a Montreal-based software company, is pleased to announce its partnership with OrthoShapes, a  Netherland-based company commited to digitizing the making of protheses and ortheses.  OrthoShapes bring the OS3D protective mask to market, from manufacturing to distribution. Shapeshift 3D's software and industrial design expertise and OrthoShapes’ numerous contacts in Europe will allow healthcare professionals, frontline employees, and the general public to have access to a revolutionary, comfortable, and custom-adjusted respiratory mask.

According to Jonathan Borduas, founder and CEO of Shapeshift 3d, ‘’Orthoshapes has been a great partner to work with since the beginning of our relationship. We are excited to see them take-up manufacturing, assembly and distribution of our perfectly-adjusted face masks in Europe’’.

‘’We are more than thrilled with this new partnership. It means a lot for our company, but a lot more for the European frontline workers who will benefit from the added protection and security provided by the OS3D mask. This partnership is also essential for the 4th industrial revolution in the 3D printing sector and we are proud to count S3D among our partners during these uncertain times, says Peter Rujitenberg, Operational director for the OS3D mask.

About Shapeshift3d

Shapeshift3D ( is a software company that brings custom-fit solutions to high-performance wearables, going from the 3D scan of an individual to a 3D-printed device that will fit this individual perfectly.  

OrthoShapes was founded in 2012 and from that point onwards has always been committed to digitizing the processes involved in making orthoses and prostheses. We do this as a distributor of the Shapeshift 3D software. We look for a workable solution that fits the requirements of every orthopedic company. In addition to supplying 3D scanners and software, we also relieve the customer on the production side where desired. Together with ShapesShift 3D, and our customers, we are building a future with better products that are made faster, and more efficiently.


Shapeshift 3D

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