S3D Beyond Fit™ Customization 


Other Solutions Offer Custom Fit. We Go Beyond.

S3D is the only software solution that provides True Fit while preserving design freedom and constraints allowing for high performance applications. Here are some attributes that make our solution unique on the market.

Constraint Preservation

Preserve geometric constraints and keep your products compliant.

Design Freedom

Add design features without affecting compliance nor performance.

Product Variety

Quickly integrate or switch between different product models.


Products are customized and ready-to-print in minutes.

Scan Reconstruction

Scan is not perfect? S3D automatically reconstructs the scan before customizing.

Advanced Integrations

Easily add new workflows, accept input from any scanner, sent output to any printer, and integrate our software into your own front-end platform.

How S3D works

In a few clicks, S3D™ customizes your product for a ready-to-print Beyond Fit™ wearable— ready for manufacturing at scale.


Our unique software solution bridges the gap between the growing industries of 3D Scanning and 3D printing. 

Say goodbye to the traditional CAD software. The future of Mass Customization is finally here.






No CAD Knowledge Required


Optimized Product Performance & Esthetic


Fast & Highly Scalable


Reduces Production Costs

Get Personalized.

Personalized Workflow

Get your own personalization workflow based on aspects such as product requirements, imagery, consumer’s preferences, medical diagnostic, quality control, etc.

Personalized Front-end

Integrate our platform into your own system or online application, to offer an entirely personalized experience to your team and consumers.

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