An Innovative Platform

Based on patent-pending technology and improved by artificial intelligence, our Custom-Fit Process goes beyond Fit.

Entirely autonomous cloud-based Custom-Fit Process

+90,000 case computing capacity per day

Respects product engineering and design intent

Easily integrate multiple workflows



Takes 3D Scan with phone


Supervises  Custom-Fit Process


Verifies Compliance


Assembles & Ships

Seamless Integration

Shapeshift 3D integrates into your entire production chain and onboards every department of your Scan-to-Fit process.

Respecting your Product


Respects Precise Mechanical Intent

Allows for Multi-Material Assembly

Enables & Respects Intricate Designs

Replicable Workflows

With our technology, integrating various product designs is now easy, allowing you to grow your portfolio of products at low cost, and scale your Custom-Fit production.


?Is our solution the right fit for you

?New to Custom-Fit

No problem. We offer consulting services for brands who want to make the shift to Custom, but do not know where to start.

Want to speed up your Custom-Fit production?

Our solution speeds up not only traditional manufacturing but also already-digitized Custom processes. Get ready to see your production scale.

Are you developing an innovative product?

We work closely with clients who strive for the most efficient and high performing products, and who want to make sure they stay competitive.

.Your Success is Our Success

At Shapeshift 3D, we give our clients the necessary tools to scale their Custom-Fit production. Our software may offer some of the most precise fitting results, but quality does not stop there: our team is invested in the continuous refinement of our services through product iterations, testing, and ongoing technical support.


Shapeshift 3D

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Montréal QC H2S 3K9


+1 866-258-8593

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