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Winner of the PME MTL x Startupfest contest

Shapeshift 3D is the winner of the PME MTL x Startupfest in the start-up category! After the presentation of the company's mission and long-term objectives via a video conference pitch, S3D was unanimously awarded first place at this 10th edition of the Startupfest.

Since 2011, the Startupfest organizes three days of festival dedicated to the innovative ecosystem of startups in Quebec.

The main goal is to promote entrepreneurship and business opportunities in our beautiful province. This year's edition was in the form of a pitch in videoconference, due to the pandemic, but the prices were the same as the previous year. In 2019, the incubator awarded more than $1 million in prizes and investments during the three days of the festival to the participating companies.

Shapeshift 3D's victory means a $5,000 grant in addition to personalized support in various fields of expertise!


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