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Shapeshift 3D to automate the custom-fit of 3D printed CCM hockey helmet liner.

MONTREAL, June 16th, 2021 – Shapeshift3D, a Montreal-based software company, is proud to announce an exclusive partnership with CCM for the use of Shapeshift3D software for the fit-customization of CCM hockey equipment.

CCM is the manufacturer of the world’s first custom 3D printed hockey helmet liner – rather than a foam insert, it is composed of lattice structure that creates a high-quality helmet that is breathable, safe, and comfortable. The novel insert is highly intricate – with a lattice composed of over 130,000 struts placed and sized for optimal energy absorption and dissipation while allowing airflow and deformation.

“We are proud to partner with a hallmark brand so deeply committed to improving the safety and performance of those who practice our national sport – [hockey]. We applaud the commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible – they dared to dream and now, through our partnership, we can make it a reality.” – Jonathan Borduas (CEO, Shapeshift 3D)

While it is to be made available to the public in standard sizes (S, M, L), elite athletes have been able to get them custom fitted for the 2021 NHL season. This is accomplished through 3D scanning of the player's head, morphing of the padding to conform the player’s skull, and a 3D printing process involving the curing of a liquid plastic using UV-light to give the final product. For more information on their design and production process: CCM Super Tacks X Helmet - Technology Explained

“CCM is proud to partner with such an innovative company, [Shapeshift3D], for the improved processing of the design of our Super Tacks X hockey helmet liner. We chose Shapeshift3D to allow us to bring the custom-fit process used at the elite level to the masses. We were looking for a partner to help with the strong demand and work on an optimized, automated process. We truly think that Shapeshift 3D will help us achieve our commercial vision to bring this revolutionary product to as many players as possible globally.” -Jeff Dalzell, Chief Product Officer

This, however, requires considerable resources due to the intricacy of the custom lattices thus limiting its accessibility to the global market beyond Pro athletes while driving up costs. With the strong success of the Super Tacks X helmet so far, CCM wanted to provide the model to a larger pool of global consumers. In order to improve and automate its process, CCM chose to partner with Shapeshift 3D to answer the strong demand.

“This [partnership] is particularly exciting as it showcases the unique value-add of using our software – we allow CCM to customize at scale and low cost while respecting technologies already integrated, such as the NEST Tech.” – Jonathan Borduas (CEO, Shapeshift 3D)

Summary of the partnership:

  • CCM SuperTacks hockey helmet is the world’s first to include customizable padding manufactured using additive manufacturing (i.e. 3D printing);

  • This partnership will enable CCM to offer its high-performing product to a greater number of players.

  • No date has been announced regarding availability of this custom product.

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  • If you think your products qualify for mass customization & 3D printing, get in touch with us !

Shapeshift 3D develops a fully integrated and scalable platform that specializes in the fit-customization of human-body applications, empowering users and facilitating the custom-fit process. Based on patent-pending technology and powered by A.I., Shapeshift 3D gives users the control, simplicity, speed, and robustness they've been looking for in a fit-customization software. The technology behind the platform enables a perfect fit while preserving both the engineering and design intent of the product. Shapeshift 3D’s strength lies in performance & safety-driven applications that require high compliance standards.

Previous devices utilizing the Shapeshift 3D software includes but is not limited to 3D printed knee braces, custom printed insoles, respiratory mask, prosthetic legs and arms.

CCM Hockey is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of hockey equipment and related apparel. With its headquarters located in Montreal, the company has operations in Canada, the United States and Europe. CCM Hockey equips more professional hockey players than any other company, including superstars like Auston Matthews, Connor McDavid, Matt Dumba, Sidney Crosby, Alexander Ovechkin, key female players such as Brianna Decker, Kendall Coyne-Schofield and Sarah Nurse and top performing Goalies such as Jakob Markstrom, Thatcher Demko and Philip Grubauer. CCM Hockey is also the official outfitter of the American Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League, and several NCAA and National teams.


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