Shapeshift 3D is officially a virtual camper!

Don't worry, Shapeshift 3D is not ready to take vacation right away!

The Montreal-based company has been selected by LE CAMP to be a virtual campers. The Quebec City-based technology business incubator invited Shapeshift 3D into its ranks following its winning performance in the pitching contest. The company will be support in various fields of expertise, particularly in the administrative field. LE CAMP also normally offers coworking spaces to encourage the sharing of innovative ideas among Quebec entrepreneurs.

Nevertheless, Shapeshift 3D considers itself fortunate to be a virtual camper for this Quebec incubator, which stimulates and encourages local businesses!

Thank you LE CAMP for this great initiative and opportunity!

Shapeshift 3D

CP 300 BP Saint Dominique
Montréal QC H2S 3K9


+1 866-258-8593

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