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Shapeshift 3D announces new partnership with Numalogics

Shapeshift3D and numalogics announce a collaborative partnership for digital validation of the Beyond-Fit mask

Montreal, April 27th, 2020: - Shapeshift3D is thrilled to announce its new partnership with numalogics. The aim of this partnership is to accelerate the prototyping process for protective masks, using digital simulation to iterate faster through product designs without having to print models for each change. numalogics‘ expertise will also provide automatic quality control of the mask’s custom fit for each individual, allowing personalized corrections to minimize pressure points and friction of the mask on the skin.

Eric Gaudreau, CEO of numalogics, declared, We are delighted to embark on this new partnership because it aligns with our mission to help clients optimize the performance and validate the safety of their products. Optimization and digital validation will soon become a major strategic asset of companies looking to manufacture custom products”.

Shapeshift3D announces this partnership in the context of its new Beyond-Fit™ mask initiative, a product that maximizes the protection and comfort of its users with a sustainable design that allows sterilization and reutilization. The 3D face scan is used to provide a custom-fit mask to remove any pressure points and discomfort related to a long-term wear of the equipment.

“The unique expertise of numalogics is a perfect complement to our own experience in fitting 3d products on the human body. This partnership will allow us to develop the mask more quickly and confirm to our backers the benefits of a perfect custom-fit”, said Francis Dion, executive chairman of Shapeshift3D.

About Shapeshift3D:

Shapeshift3D ( is a software company that brings custom-fit solutions to high-performance wearables, going from the 3D scan of an individual to a 3D-printed device that will fit this individual perfectly.

About numalogics:

numalogics ( Is the digital simulation division of Spinologics. This department specializes in the analysis of finite elements (advanced simulation) of the interactions between a product and the human body in the medical field, the sport industry and the defence sector.

Source: Amélie Poirier-Borduas

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