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NEW! Beyond-Fit™ Face Masks

We've seen it all over the media. When nurses around the world showed us their "battle scars" for having to wear respiratory masks for days or even weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic, the problem was clear : Face masks are usually ill-fitting and can become painful to wear or provoke injuries for healthcare professionals and frontline workers.

The Shapeshift 3D team wanted to react quickly, and after several remote brainstorms, we found a solution : a respiratory mask 3D design that will allow for long-during comfort and protection.

A New Concept

Our design consists of 3 layers: the inner 3D-printed layer (3) gives structural strength to the standard cut-to-fit filter (2) ensuring that the fabric does not collapse between every breath. The outer layer is custom-fitted (1) to every user with our Beyond-Fit™ Technology. This creates a virtually perfect seal with the face while still preserving comfort and staying light weight.


  • Sterilizable & reusable

  • Beyond Fit Technology : 3D-printed structures are custom fitted to your unique facial structure, reducing nose compression & removing pressure points, allowing for long-duration comfort.

  • Better protection with extra inner structure.

How it Works

1. Scan your face with your phone or tablet. Any 3D application will do, we recommend Scandy.

2. Send us your scan file (.stl/.obj./.ply/.aop) at

3. Our 3D Software will customize your mask within minutes, and send you your digital custom mask !

4.Print and assemble your mask.

Questions? Don't hesitate to contact us.


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