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Calling all 3D-printing enthusiasts and Do-It-Yourselfers. Receive your custom mask digital file, and 3D print at home.

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After talking with 3D-printing enthusiasts, we've decided to add a new pledge : DIGITAL FILES BUNDLE. For those who have access to 3D printing technology and don't mind sourcing the rest of the material themselves, this is a great opportunity to get the full value of the perfectly adjusted Beyond-Fit concept while keeping your costs lower and giving you a chance to experiment with various filtering and strapping systems.

Here's how this works: 

  • You scan yourself with your own 3D-capable smart phone or tablet.

  • You send us your scan file, along with any relevant instructions/specifications (more on that later).

  • We conduct quality assurance checks on the scan, pass it through our fitting engine and double-check the resulting, customized mask file. 

  • Within 24 hours, we send you back a 3D mask model perfectly adjusted to your face.

 From that point-on, it's up to you.

You can print with your own equipment, or work with any one of the 3D-printing service you can find online. Be mindful, though, of the danger some 3D-printing technology can pose to your health and that of others you consider providing masks to. 

You source your own filtering matter. Will cotton work? That's for you to decide, based on the environment you'll be using the mask in, whether or not you intend to keep social distancing, etc. N95-compatible material will remove 99.97% of all particles that are 0.3 microns in diameter or larger. Cotton will let much more particles go through, which may or may not be suitable. The only thing we can say is we strongly believe a perfect fit that keeps the filtering material away from the mouth should improve the protective and hygienic properties of any material, when compared to wearing the same material directly on your face, with your lips in direct contact with it and gaping holes on each sides.

Finally you source your own strapping system, which should comfortably hold the mask into position. Here also we strongly believe a perfect fit will provide substantial benefits, allowing the mask to be stable and air-tight without needing as much pressure against the skin and on the back of the head as ill-fitting masks would require.

As you experiment with printing parameters, filtering and strapping systems, you might wish you'd have a model that supports thicker materials, larger straps, etc. Give us a shout then and we'll see how we can accommodate you.

Now remember, with this DIGITAL FILE reward there is:


  • No filters included.

  • No straps included.

Just wanted to be clear :-)

Keep it up and stay safe!


Visit our kickstarter page here.

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