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Kickstarter Day 1- Over 50% of our campaign goal achieved the first day!

What a great start! We've reach 50% of our Kickstarter campaign goal already, and that after only one day. Way to go!

This is really important, because early backers help set the trend, they encourage others to chip in and they greatly increase our visibility on Kickstarter and other media outlet. Thank you! Now please spread the love. Tell others about this, bring them in and help us reach then exceed our goal.

About exceeding our goal: the more backers we get, the more money we raise, the more buying power we'll have with our suppliers. This will help bring our costs down, and we promise you the extra proceeds will be put to good use, including in the form of donations or discounted masks to people in need. Even (maybe :-) extra perks at no extra costs to our early backers.

Speaking of asking for help or offering assistance, we've added another pledge level: 1$ for Heroes' Requests... and Offers. You don't actually need to put in the token pledge, we just wanted every visitor to know that we are open to GIVE and RECEIVE. Reach-out to us through the Kickstarter messaging feature, from our website, on Facebook or LinkedIn). Let's have a chat.

Be safe everyone, and keep your distance but stay in touch!


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