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It's a Kickstarter Launch!

Today we are launching the Beyond-Fit™ Mask: 3D-printed, custom adjusted, and ready-to-wear.

What's the project?

The Beyond-Fit Mask is a new concept for an individually adjusted protective mask for healthcare and front-line workers as well as for the general public. A perfect fit increases the protective qualities and comfort. Early prototypes show great promise already!

How will the funds help bring it to life?

The funds will help us print and experiment with more prototypes, iterate faster as we keep improving the mask's design and performance, recruit more partners and collaborators. Feedback from backers with diverse age and ethnic background will also help us improve life for all.

About Shapeshift 3D

Shapeshift 3D is a software company that brings custom-fit solutions to high-performance wearables, going from the 3D scan of an individual to a 3D-printed device that will fit this individual perfectly. Track record of success in Ortheses, Prostheses, Football Helmets, Speed Skates, etc.


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