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We live in extraordinary times, calling for extraordinary measures.

As many businesses worldwide struggle to find ways to survive an unprecedented shutdown of commerce, others are figuring out how to help by adapting their offering while leveraging their strengths and capabilities.

This is what we’ve done at Shapeshift 3D. When increasingly alarming reports of COVID-19 came to light earlier this year, we set out to apply our expertise in industrial design and 3D printing in the fight against this virus.

The team came up with a simple yet efficient design for a respiratory mask that is easy to make and assemble, can reduce the consumption of critical, throw-away filtering materials, and provides additional benefits such as enhanced hygienic properties.

Today we are making our 3D-design available (see free download link below), and we encourage anyone with CAD-knowledge and/or printing capacities to give it a try. You can tweak, modify, adapt and experiment with the model as you see fit. Since the files are in the STL format, you'll need a mesh-editing software like Meshmixer to play with it. If you want more options and control, you can also reverse-engineer them in most CAD software including CATIA, Solidworks and Rhino.

If you don't have access to a 3D printer, you can still make your own mask with this design by uploading one of the provided models to a number of 3D printing services such as Shapeways and Oceanz. To make a complete, functional mask, you will need to procure filtering materials and straps yourself. Be aware though that it's unlikely any of the files we provide will be a very good fit for your unique facial features.

You can provide masks to others using this design, providing that you’re not charging more than a nominal fee to cover your reasonable direct and indirect costs.

We’re not asking for anything in exchange for this design, nor for any product derived from it. This is a gift from us to the community. We would appreciate, though, if you could share your thoughts, comments and ideas with us. Pictures of people wearing the mask would be nice too!

Our design is a work in progress it has not been tested, validated, certified, nor endorsed by any medical authority. That said, we have looked closely at the AFNOR standard for barrier masks, and we believe our model can be used as a basis for making masks compliant with these specifications.

Please take note before downloading :

  • Don’t make claims that are unsupported by evidence and/or that could be illegal to make in your jurisdiction.

  • Filters need to be changed or cleaned regularly. AFNOR recommends every 4 hours, or whenever the filter becomes damp or soiled, whichever comes first.

  • Whether you’re 3D printing yourself or through an external service, be cautious about the source material, the finishing process and the end-to-end fabrication steps. Some 3D printing technologies use harsh chemicals, other can leave residual powder that could be harmful or deadly to people. Don’t mess with things you don’t understand nor work with people who don’t know what they're doing, or what your intended use might be. When in doubt, favor ISO13485-certified facilities.

  • A mask that doesn’t fit the wearer’s facial features can leave gaps, exposing the person to external contaminants and, if that person is infected, create a risk of infecting others.

  • A mask that is not properly fitted can not only be uncomfortable but also leave marks, create irritations and even injuries

Download the Mask’s design Here

We personally believe a mask that's perfectly adapted to a wearer's facial features provides significant health, safety and comfort benefits. The design being offered here does not provide that perfect fit.

If you are interested in a mask perfectly adjusted just for you, you can visit our kickstarter campaign, where you will be able to support our efforts and pre-order your own Beyond-Fit Mask.

Be safe and responsible everyone, we can get through this together!

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