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Our Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Protecting People While Maintaining our Operations

Our priority is the safety of our employees and the implementation of measures that protect the public's health. Our employees now work from home. We have put in place the necessary tools and procedures so that everyone can work and collaborate remotely, without problems or loss of productivity. Most importantly, we make sure to maintain regular and sustained interactions with and between each member of the team, in order to combat the effects of isolation and to be able to quickly provide any moral and psychological support required.

Transferring Customer Focus from Production to R&D

Most of our customers have seen their customer traffic evaporate and their production capacity severely reduced. This difficult situation can represent an opportunity to advance innovative projects that had previously been set aside for the benefit of operational imperatives.

We have developed an offer to help customers and partners prepare for the gradual resumption of economic activity, in particular through training and support for innovations based on additive manufacturing / 3D printing and perfect customization of each product for each individual. Do not hesitate to contact us directly for more details.

Launch of a New Concept of Perfectly Fitted Respiratory Masks

Masks only protect people if they are properly fitted and sealed. If they are too tight, they become uncomfortable, can cause skin irritations, make people wearing them constantly touch their faces, and ultimately, stop wearing them altogether.

Our team has developed a new concept for a perfectly-fitted, comfortable, light and easy to manufacture mask: the Beyond Fit Mask. We are appealing to the community and invite anyone interested in contributing to the development, validation and distribution of this product to contact us now.

Together we will defeat this disease, we will provide the best possible protection for medical personnel, workers and the general public, and we will lay the foundations for the reconstruction of the world economy.

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