BeyondFit Mask Progress Report

Dear Backers,

By now you should have seen the transaction show up on your credit card for backing our project. 

Thanks to your support, we've been able to secure initial production facilities while we are completing the design of the BeyondFit  mask. The final iteration has been sent for 3D printing last night and we will soon be able to show you what they look for "in real". Until then, we have a few teasers gleaned from our designer's desktops and notebooks, starting with this early artist's rendition of Prototype V3.0.

BeyondFit Respiratory Mask Prototype V3 - Artist Rendition

You'll notice we've changed the concept from a frontal and rounded filter to a flat filter on each side. The rounded concept was creating creases on the filtering material which was hampering the seal of the mask. Going to a front but flat surface, a path we've seen many  other mask projects take, creates a challenge in maximizing the filtering area (important for ease of respiration) without creating too much volume inside the mask, which can cause a CO2 buildup potentially dangerous to the user's health.


As happy as we are with the progress we are making, there is still much work to do, and sadly it doesn't look like we can deliver our first masks this month as  we'd hope for. We are working as hard as we can to get you your personalized masks as quickly as possible, which at this point we anticipate will be sometime in June. You don't have anything to do for now,  just watch for our next updates showing you our progress and, pretty soon, instructions on how to proceed.

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