Custom Fit Respirator Mask

Introducing a safe, and environmentally-friendly made-to-fit respiratory mask for healthcare and frontline workers in response to the global pandemic crisis.

With a custom fit enabled by Shapeshift 3D technology, the S3D Respirator Mask, creates a perfect seal with the face.

Customization Challenges

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 5.13.53 PM.png
exploded view - filter cap.png

Precise Mechanical Intent

Multi-Material Assembly

 Silicone Unwrapping

Filter Cartridge Locking System

A Scan-Fit-Print Process

The S3D Respirator Mask was successfully onboarded onto our cloud-based & autonomous Custom-Fit platform. Users can scan their face right from home and within minutes of the order the mask is fitted and ready to print.

Contact us to onboard your mask design onto our custom-fit platform.

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